Venice Day 1

This time last week I’d just arrived in Venice with my family. We are very lucky to be able to visit such beautiful places and Venice was no disappointment. If you know me, you’ll know I’m obsessed with my camera and can’t help taking thousands of photos so I will do a few posts about Venice. Holidays with my family are always full of walking, exploring and me lagging behind with my camera and my brother complaining about how annoying I am with my camera but it’s always a great time. I love how the city is full of beautiful orange and brick coloured tones around every corner and the amazing angles the buildings create which has led me to be able to take, what I think, are lovely photographs. These photos are from our first day; travelling down the Grand Canal in a water taxi, exploring the streets to find our apartment and a quick walk past the Bridge of Sighs and St Marcs Square. I share lots of my travels on Instagram @emmatodaytomorrow if you’d like to see some more.



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