Gothic Quarter and Barcelona Castle

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Another post about Barcelona because I’ve just moved back to university and haven’t found much to write about and been very busy. The Gothic Quarter is quite a famous part of Barcelona, so when we went there it was quite busy. Everyone was in awe of the beautiful sculptures covering the church. There’s a little shop in the square, which I would highly recommend, Happy Pills. Its a tiny little sweet shop where you can full a little pot with pic’n’mix and then choose a Happy Pills sticker to make it look medicinal, it’s a really fun and interesting twist on sweets and I loved it. Another beautiful part of the city was the castle at the top of the hill. We bought a ticket for a cable cart up to the top and then wondered around the top. It was beautiful and not as busy so we could wonder around more freely here. For some reason it really reminded my of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter game I used to play, it was full of hidden spaces and beautiful views. I wish I could go back right now, but its back to reality for now.

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