Montserrat, Barcelona


Montserrat is a beautiful monastery on a mountain about an hour away from Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. The ticket only cost 20 euros from centre Barcelona to the main monastery and the we paid 6 euros to get a funicular to the top and to Saint Juan. It was stunningly beautiful and I’m very thankful to my next-door neighbour for recommending it to me. I could have gone there everyday it was amazing.

When we got there we explored the church and the beautiful architecture and then went to the top on the funicular and enjoyed the beautiful views. We got a bit lost, even though its very clearly signposted but none the less we did, in the end we walked all the way from the top back down to the main area which only took roughly an hour with quite a few stops for photos. A few stray cats were there to welcome us back to the bottom and were very interested in being models but soon we had to head home back to Barcelona.


IMG_3955 IMG_3950 IMG_3914

IMG_3964 IMG_3981 IMG_3896


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