Stationary Haul

Since being back from holiday I’ve been to my local shopping centre, Centre MK. While I was window shopping I noticed a new shop that I’d heard about through YouTube, Tiger. I have seen lots of YouTubers rave about this shop from London, I articularly remember Essie Button talking about it so I had to have a look inside. As soon as I walked in I fell in love. The shop was full of stationary, homewear, games and lots of things I never knew I needed but definitely did need. I found myself picking up lots of bits but felt had to restrain myself to these few as I have just been on holiday. First of the things I had to buy was washi tape, I love this stuff and in Tiger they had quite a variety of packs of three I picked this set as I feel it will go well in my uni room but there were lots more beautiful designs. To tell you the truth theres a pack with one that has strawberries all over and I can’t stop thinking about it. Second thing are the pencil cases which I think are beautiful, I bought two as I plan to give my cat obsessed friend the cat one, they are canvas and inside is a waterproof lining so will be handy for my paintbrushes. I think the design with little flaps makes something quite simple very sweet. I also bought these sets of paints as they were only £3 each and for an art student like me that was a steal. In fact everything in that shop was so cheap, the pencil cases were £2 each and the washi tape was £2 for three.

IMG_3156 IMG_3157

IMG_3149 IMG_3159

Whilst I was at the shops I couldn’t resist a visit to Waterstones to look at there stationary and I was really looking for a adult colouring book because I love colouring and now its acceptable for me to do it even though I’m not a child. I found this small colouring book which has some pretty designs in it which I look forward to colouring. I also found this beautiful card with the type writer and I was going to put in on my wall with the postcard I got on the right as I think they look sweet together.

IMG_3153 IMG_3154 IMG_3155




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